Calgary Optometrist


We offer premium, top quality lenses from Zeiss, Essilor and Nikon to fill all prescription needs. Some of our quality lens options include:

  • Varilux Comfort 360° Digital no-line progressive lenses which offer a wider field of view, less distortion and unbeatable sharpness.
  • Nikon Computer Progressive lenses for the individual who is working long hours on the computer. NO MORE NECK STRAIN.
  • New Crizal Sapphire coating offers the best in anti-reflection and scratch resistance. In addition, the lens stays clean longer and won’t attract dust.
  • The thinnest Hi-Index light weight lenses with improved impact resistance.
  • Transitions that change faster than ever from light to dark with UV exposure.
  • New Physio Sunglass lenses that offer comfortable vision in bright line while maintaining a full spectrum of color and 100% UV protection
  • Polarized lenses that eliminate glare. Especially beneficial for driving, skiing and boating activities.
A 2 year warranty applies on most lenses.